Meet the Brothers

Born in South Africa, raised in Manchester, both qualified teachers and dedicated pizza aficionados… Meet the brothers who are taking pizza craft to a new level.

Geoff is our pizza chef. Coming from a long line of Pizza men, Geoff was sent from our village at the age of 18 to climb the large mountain nearby and seek tutelage from an old master of the pizza making art. He studied under him for at least three weeks I think!

No, both Brothers were born in South Africa and grew up near Manchester. While a student at Sheffield University Geoff worked as a pizza chef at Sheffield pizza restaurant ‘BrB’. It was there that he trained and realised he loved working with dough and making pizza. He moved to Zizzi’s – another Italian in Sheffield – and became their pizza, pasta and starter chef. When he left to pursue a career as a Glass Technologist (you’ll have to Google it) and eventually a teacher he continued to make wonderful pizza in his oven at home. Geoff moved to Bristol with his wife Celia and while teaching in Bristol he met Estelle and Rob who owned his local stone baked pizza place, Zero-Zero (later to become your beloved G Brothers Pizza!). Once they learned he was a pizza chef working to start his own business, they hired him on the spot! Altogether Geoff has been making pizza for about ten years and has long been a lover of food.

Gareth is something of a mystery. Having finished his degree in English Literature he also became a teacher and began pursuing his dream of travelling the world. He worked in a prestigious British school in Lima and for three years he lived and worked in Peru.

When he returned to England with his plundered Peruvian gold he bought a considerable stake in G Brothers Pizza. Having purchased the mighty pizza van Gareth trained in hospitality and worked at the extremely popular ‘Rice and Things’ on Gloucester Road in Bristol. In the G Brothers team Gareth is the turner, finisher and front of house.