The new roof

When we first started this project we wrote down a number of things that we wanted for the future but couldn’t afford right now:

  1. Turn Busey into a rocket truck.
  2. Jacuzzi in the cab.
  3. Furiosa-style hidden knife gear stick
  4. New roof.

Ok so a couple of those may not be true but here’s a picture of what we were working with regarding the roof:

g brothers roof

The worst part were these three old school sun roofs. They reminded me (not fondly) of ice hockey away games and National Express coaches. You can see the blue carpet that’s been glued around the inside edge there. The only question is, why? Is that aesthetic? is it for insulation? Why cover up all that clean, shiny aluminium?


Anyway as I said we thought we couldn’t afford a new roof, so we would press on with this one. We started taking down the plastic in order to clean it. Unfortunately this is where we stopped taking photos. It was horrifying. As those plastic sheets came down they revealed sodden wooden battening; leaks in the roof had accumulated and was causing the wood to rot; the plastic was stuck down with the 1980’s version of caulk and bizarrely at every intersection there were clusters of ladybirds stuck to it. It felt like we’d uncovered some kind of insect graveyard. Further as we took the ceiling down we revealed the thirty year old fibreglass that formed the roof. Mould was growing on it.

roof 3

Look at it, it’s disgusting. Ini has to wear a mask just to cut into it. To his credit Geoff actually dragged (not literally!) his wife up there and the two of them applied industrial outdoor cleaner to it attempting to scrub some of the mould off. The problem was we couldn’t reattach the plastic. It was so old that as it was coming down it started to crack and break up. We came up with a plan to cover up the roof with new sheets of plastic but it felt to me as though we were just throwing a rock over the horror underneath. I was taking my Hygiene course at the time and I couldn’t sleep thinking about all that water seeping in there and those disturbing lady bird cemeteries. Our roof was a vehicle for contamination. It had to go.

Unrelated to all this we had Steve, a contractor specialising in doing up trucks come in to give us a quote for aluminium to cover our walls. We were working on the roof at the time and Steve and Ini started saying it would be better to rip the whole thing off and start again. Geoff and Ini headed out to look for options and we immediately started installing a new plastic roof. It was hard work but we cut the old fibreglass back to reveal that lovely aluminium frame. Once it was free of the frame we lifted it off in three sections and put the plastic on there:


Look at the difference! So much light comes through and that surface is wipe clean whatever gets on there. It’s clean, it’s neat, it’s wonderful. You can see on the right there another of Ini’s wonderful innovations (Inivations! Sorry, sorry couldn’t resist!). We’ve attached aluminium sheet above and below the plastic around the flue to protect it from the heat and believe, Orochimaru gets hot!

So that was that, we popped our ‘780W photovoltaic array’ on top and the roof was ticked off the list!