Our suppliers

the chef's deli

The specialty cured meats from The Chef’s Deli are sourced direct from the farms throughout Italy from Sicily to Piedmont as well as a growing French and Spanish range.

brue valley farm

The experts at Brue Valley were shown the art of making this superb product by friends in Italy, which led to the creation of Somerset Cow’s milk Mozzarella. They use the milk produced from their dairy herd which makes for a deliciously creamy product.

total produce

Total Produce procure seasonal produce from local growers and regional suppliers, providing us with the freshest possible UK grown crops straight from the farm.

well seasoned wood

The timber from Well Seasoned Wood is carefully selected from managed woodlands. They aim to source our firewood as locally as possible to Bristol and to use sustainable sources.

green man packaging

Made from natural, annually renewable plants like corn, sugarcane and potatoes, Green Man’s range of 100% compostable packaging can turn to compost in just 12 weeks after use.